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Siderforgerossi Group is proud to announce its partnership to ENGINE, a co-funded
project by European Community, aiming to increase the global competitiveness and
reduce the environmental impact of European-made metal products by creating a novel,
digital, zero-defect way of manufacturing.

Manufactured metal products ranging from nuts, bolts, valves and engines are used daily
by most of the people on the planet and the manufacturing process is energy-intensive
and requires substantial amounts of natural and financial resources.

The project ENGINE will develop a first-time-right and zero-defect metal product design and manufacturing system, which will be applied on marine engine supply chain.

The mission of the project covers different areas:
– Technical: integrate different methodologies in design and manufacturing system, implement data
management solutions, developing product monitoring solution.
– Business: increase productivity and improve competitiveness of industrial partners.
– Environmental: reduce the environmental impact of metal product manufacturers.

The ENGINE consortium consists of 17 partners from 8 different EU countries under the coordination of VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland. It comprises a team of professionals including research organisations, technology providers, manufacturing companies, standardization
specialists and experts for skill development, communication, dissemination and exploitation.
Siderforgerossi is honoured to be member of the Consortium and provide its contribution to an industrial sustainable and responsible growth.

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