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ensuring the health and safety

Siderforgerossi Group focuses primarily on ensuring the health and safety of its people.

Our protocols are based on a logic aiming to safeguard and protect operators with consistent improvement interventions on machinery, ongoing search for new equipment, materials and suitable personal protective equipment (PPE).

An equivalent commitment is undertaken to protect the surrounding environment, consisting of an amphitheatre of hills, valleys and streams of exceptional beauty that deserves due preservation.

To this purpose our Corporate Management has taken drastic steps to set-up an Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to the IS0 45001 standard and an Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001 standards. Already in 2012 our company started implementing specific procedures, continual control and monitoring of corporate areas as well as the identification of critical areas to realise such management systems, and in 2012 it achieved the first certifications issued by DNV. In 2014 these certifications were extended to all group factory plants.

These exceptionally important goals are pursued and achieved thanks to the determination of our Top Management and the involvement of personnel at all levels. They are fundamental, today more than in the past, in order to provide a comprehensive response to Customer demands.

The Group policy, inspired by the fundamental values of occupational health and safety to protect both workers and the environment, is implemented through a complex system of operating rules and modus operandi, with continuous investments and adjustments to ensure timely correction of critical situations and improvement of performances over time.

The risk assessment plan is processed and updated according to the strictest standards and procedures so to monitor and prevent any form of incident or injury which, in a high risk sector such as ours, represents a possible event with important consequences at all levels.

To this purpose all corporate activities are analysed in detail and the most significant activities concerning the safety, health or protection of the environment are addressed by special instructions and procedures, which are then distributed to all employees.

Particular attention is paid to the use of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which are classified and specific for each type of residual risk. It is also mandatory for office staff and visitors to wear minimum protection consisting in helmets, safety footwear, goggles and hi-vis vests.

Given the ongoing expansion and increasing attention paid by our Customers, significant importance is given to organising and managing of plant visits by outsiders. In this view protected observation areas and standard routes have been set-up and are used when accompanying visitors.

For some time now the company has also had a most rewarding collaboration with the University of Vicenza concerning energy and environmental aspects. Thanks to the use of the sophisticated equipment at the disposal of the University, our technicians have been able to extend their knowledge on the thermal behaviour of metal materials. This has led to an optimisation process in the use of fossil fuel, which constitutes a significant use of natural resources and is one of the primary cost items on the company’s balance sheets.

Improving the awareness of personnel and their culture of safety and the environment is one of the company’s chief targets. To achieve them ongoing training is provided to personnel who are involved in these aspects as soon as they join Siderforgerossi, and then periodically with routine refresher courses.

HSEE Integrated Company Policy

Siderforgerossi Group S.p.A. avails of an Integrated Safety, Health, Enviromental and Energy policy (click to download) to bring safety, health and sustainability into work practices at all levels.


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