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Our History


Mr. Coriano Rossi together with two partners, Mr. Angelo Rossi and Mr. Giuseppe Rossi, own the hammer and have the right to use the water to work with. The production of the hammer aimed to satisfy local needs, such as agricultural tools like hoes, forks, wedges, levers and knives. Rock mines and forests are in these times very important working activities and ironworkers require more and more chisels, stoning hammers, axes, billhooks, wedges and picks.  


The workshop begins to work with pieces of scrap metal coming from the railway cart axles, the in the 1930s Mr. Ernesto Gresele, founder of “Acciaierie Valbruna”, starts using the hammer of Rossi for his own needs, giving the material for account of manufacturing.


Due to an increasingly growing market Mr. Coriano Rossi becomes the only owner of the hammer, together with the three sons Nello, Pietro and Olindo.


The sons of Coriano suceed their father and run the hammer until 1966 when the flood destroys the water channel preventing the hammer to work, the Rossi brothers are obliged to move and they go their  separate ways. Pietro and Olindo transfer to the other side of the Posina river in the municipality of Arsiero and the create what will become “Forgerossi”.


The status of Mr. Giorgio Rossi becomes increasingly important and representative within Forgerossi, until the end of the 1970s when Mr. Pietro Rossi, after a lifetime working at the hammer, leaves the shares and the management of the company to his son Giorgio. 

Since 1980 Mr. Giorgio Rossi creates a turning point in the company, moving into more and more international markets and investing in more powerful and sophisticated machinery, becoming  the sole owner of Forgerossi. 

In the last 30 years Forgerossi has been increasing its production capacity, its turnover and the number of employees. Thanks to several qualifications, it has been developing its business in the Oil & Gas, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, nuclear and many other sectors.

Forgerossi has become a leading company specialized in the production of hot rolled seamless rings, flanges and open-die forgings of medium-heavy size, which can be supplied in raw conditions as well as fully machined.


Metallurgica Siderforge is founded and a free forging press is installed for the production of forging parts for the oil & gas market.


Siderforge acquires an already existing production plant and improves its capacity through the installation of two ring mills, some free forging presses and die forging hammers. Now Siderforge can reach different markets at international level.


Siderforge moves the closed die forging production in the Canavese area (Turin) and improves it by means of new hammers and presses.


Siderforge develops its closed die forging production through hammers from 50.000 Kg/m up to 63.000 Kg/m. Moreover, thanks to the implementation of an automated die forging system, it can manufacture large series of products. 


Siderforge acquires two machine shops: it is able to offer a wide range of finishing.


Siderforge acquires a production plant in India with the aim to develop the closed die forging business in the market.

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Merge of Forgerossi S.p.A. and Metallurgica Siderforge S.r.l creating the Newco called SIDERFORGEROSSI GROUP SPA


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